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Enterogermina Oral Suspension 5ml Vials 20s

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Product Type: Oral Care
SKU: Enterogermina Oral Susp 5ml 20s


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  • Enterogermina is an intestinal antidysmicrobial agent. It contains anti diarrhoeal micro organisms and is therefore a drug for the treatment of alterations in the bacterial flora of the intestine. Enterogermina can also be used in babies to treat acute and chronic gastro intestinal disorders, whether they may be caused by intoxication or by alterations in the intestinal flora with imbalance in the production and assimilation of vitamins.

    Enterogermina 2 Billion is a probiotic for infants, babies, and children (also suitable for adults). It is available in ready-to-drink single dose liquid vials that are easy to administer and can be mixed with food and beverages.

    It restores the balance of the good bacteria in the intestines and gently treats and prevents tummy upsets caused by a disturbance in the natural friendly bacteria in the intestines. This imbalance can lead to diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and an increase in the air in the intestine (bloating).

  • Adults: 2 - 3 vials per day.
  • Breast-feeding infants and children: 1 - 2 vials per day.
  • Do not exceed the recommended doses without first consulting a doctor
  • The bottle should be shaken before use
  • To open the bottle, twist the upper part and break off
  • Swallow the content of the bottle as it is or dilute it in water or some other beverage
  • Once opened, the product should be used within a short space of time to avoid pollution of the suspension
  • Do not take Enterogermina if you're allergic to spores of polyantibiotic-resistant Bacillus clausii or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.
  • This medication is for oral use only. Do not inject or administer through other routes. Improper use of the medicine has resulted in severe anaphylactic reactions such as anaphylactic shock.
  • If you notice the presence of corpuscles, or of tiny particles in the Enterogermina vials, that does not mean that the product has been impaired, as these are simply clusters of Bacillus clausii spores.