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Nestle NAN SUPREME PRO. Stage 1 Infant Formula 400g

Dhs. 68

Product Type: Baby & Toddler
Vendor: Nestle


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NAN Supreme Pro 1 by Nestle is an infant formula that provides for a healthy development of your child for the first 6 months of their life. Made from cow's milk, NAN Supreme pro 1 is formulated specifically not only for infants who have risks of allergies, and a normal healthy baby. NAN Supreme Pro 1 includes OPTIPRO, which is a protein blend created through special treatments, that helps partially break down milk protein in cow's milk, making it the most suitable option for infants that suffer from a history of allergies related to milk, as well as those babies that may be at the risk of developing an allergy.

Nestle also ties their commitments to caring for the environment as well. Our packaging includes renewable plant-based resources, like the recyclable lid and scoop which are made from 66% sugarcane. When you choose NAN Supreme Pro 1,  you are choosing to provide for a strong foundation for your child's future health.

*If your child has an already declared allergy to milk, do not use NAN Supreme PRO 1 without consulting your doctor.

How To Use:

  • Preparation of one bottle at a time is recommended. Once prepared feed the formula immediately, follow the instructions exactly. Do not keep a bottle unfinished, throw away the contents after use. Do not leave the baby unattended while feeding as there is a risk of choking.
  • Improperly handling or preparing un-boiled water and bottles, as well as incorrect dilution, may increase the risk of causing harm to your baby. Improper storage and feeding as well can result in adverse effects on your baby's health. Please use this product under medical supervision.