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Pediasure Complete Triple Sure Vanilla 400g

Dhs. 48

Product Type: Baby & Toddler
Vendor: abbot (Pediasure)


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Pediasure for kids

A mixture of advanced carbohydrate bases with a new triple protein complex is formulated to promote your kid’s development and growth. It is also modified with lipid profile and MCTs (Medium-chain triglycerides) scientifically made. It also contains vitamins, AA and DHA. 

Essential nutrients 

This supplement contains all the nutrients that are required by a mother to help support her child’s feed. It contains a blend of vitamins and minerals that enhance the growth of the child. It also consists of FOS, which is dietary fiber, and live cultures.

Growth and Development of kids

Pediasure completely promotes the growth and development of kids who are picky eaters and do not like to eat vegetables and fruits. It supports the development of the brain and eye health. It promotes growth in kids whose growth patterns are below their age. 

Pediasure for Immune health

Antioxidants, proteins, zinc, and vitamin A and D are present to enhance immune system functions. Protein in 16g amount is present in Ensure plus nutrition.

Pediasure complete and balanced nutrition

Nutrients that help in improving bones, energy, muscles, immune health, and heart. The daily requirement of fiber is fulfilled by this bottle containing 10% of fiber.

Great taste

Yummy shakes with proteins, 350 calories, and 27 vitamins and minerals. 

Pediasure milk

A variety of nutrients is present with protein to help in kid’s growth.

Pediatrician’s top choice

It is the number one choice of brand for a pediatrician. It is clinically approved and best for the complete nutrition of kids.