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Similac Total Comfort Gold Stage 1, 0-6 months, 820g, with Nucleotides & Prebiotics

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Product Type: Baby & Toddler
SKU: Similac Total Comfort Gold Stage 1


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Similac milk

Total Comfort Gold Similac 1 is a complete nutritive formula for infants. Each child is unique; the special comfort and care for your baby can be provided with Total Comfort Similac 1. Your doctor will prescribe this quickly digested solution for fussiness, gas, or diarrhea because of the lactose sensitivity.

Digestive comfort

The overall formula of Similac 1 is composed of the tummy care system, particularly formulated for the tummy of the infant. Similac Complete Comfort 1 is easily digested and consists of a tummy treatment system with gentle protection and reduced lactose.

Essential ingredients

It also has a fat blend of vegetables that are easy to digest without palm olein oil. If your child is difficult to tolerate other milk-based formulas, the formulation can be a good option. It includes an immunity ingredient mix, including nucleotides and prebiotics. It also contains AA and DHA, omega- 3 and omega-6, taurine, choline, lutein, and iron.

Growth and development of children

Similac encourages excellent development of your premature baby resulting in better weight gain, head circumference and length in comparison to when they are fed with premature infant formula.

Vitamins and Minerals

An easy to digest formula containing protein, energy, vitamins and minerals increased in comparison with general infant formulas for children and additional calories for baby's development in the first year.

Similac enriched with nutrients.

The only nutrient-enriched formula for premature children with proven results in higher growth in their first year than a standard formula for prematurely born babies.

Brain and eye development

Essential nutrients in breast milk to support brain and eye growth, calcium and phosphorus include DHA and ARA, for the rising growth of the bones of the baby.