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Similac Total Comfort Stage 3, 12M - 3 Yrs, 820 Gms, Easy to Digest, Tummy Care

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Product Type: Baby & Toddler
SKU: Similac Total Comfort Stage 3, 12M - 3 Yrs, 820 Gms, Easy to Digest, Tummy Care


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Similac Total Comfort Stage 3

With your child's growth in mind and special treatment and comfort, the Similac Total Comfort line of items is designed with evolving nutritional needs in mind. It is specially formulated to be gentle for tiny tummies.

Similac® Total Comfort™* is comparable to the U.S. version of Pro-Total Comfort®. This gentle, easy-to-digest formula is a good choice for babies who have difficulty tolerating other milk-based formulas. Similac Total Comfort with 2'-FL and nucleotides helps support baby’s immune system. This product was manufactured in Spain. Abbott Nutrition has worked with the FDA to import this product to help with supply chain shortages. Because every baby’s tummy is unique, it can be difficult to predict how each baby will tolerate a formula change. It’s always best to talk to your pediatrician before making formula changes.

 Not for infants or children with galactosemia.

  • COMPARABLE TO U.S. PRO-TOTAL COMFORT: This formula was manufactured in Spain and is similar to the U.S. version of Pro-Total Comfort
  • FORMULA PREPARATION: Mix 1 scoop of formula per 2 fl oz (60 mL) of water
  • GENTLE FORMULA + IMMUNE SUPPORT: An easy-to-digest infant formula for babies with delicate tummies with 2'-FL and nucleotides to help support your baby’s immune system
  • MEETS THE U.S. FDA’s CRITERIA: This product meets the U.S. FDA’s criteria for temporarily allowing formulas manufactured outside the U.S. for import

Similac Milk

The Tummy Care device Similac Total Comfort 3 contains a low protein and minimum lactose level. It also includes a fat vegetable mix with no palm olein oil, which is simple to digest.

Total Nutrition Similac milk

It includes the Eye-Q Plus distinguished nutrient system including AA, DHA, omega 3 and 6, taurine, choline, lutein and iron. It contains a distinguished immunity compound with nuclear and prebiotic compounds that are identical to those found naturally in the breast.

Milk for kids immune support

It is the first formula of children with 2' FL HMO baby formula to be closer to breast milk. (based on IQVIA ProVoice survey of 12 months ending on February 2020, not from the human milk)

Free from artificial growth hormones

Similac is the leading brand with no artificial growth hormones for baby.

Growth and development of children

Our unique combination of DHA, Lutein, and E vitamins – the nutrients which are found in breast milk. It supports the overall growth and development of the baby's brain and eye.

How to Prepare:

60ML/ 2 FL OZ 1
120ML/ 4 FL OZ 2
180ML/ 6 FL OZ 3